Women's Welfare Department



1965年,在阿南達瑪迦創始人暨靈性導師師利‧師利‧阿南達慕提的指示下, 婦女福利部門(WWD)成立了 。其目的是要由女性來主導,藉由改善個人和社會來促進兒童與婦女們的福利。


For centuries, women have been exploited, making women feel that they are incapable and thus self-neglect and accept exploitation.

The Women’s Welfare Department hopes to strengthen women through spirituality, build their self-confidence, self-belief and their abilities, help them balance their emotions, and enable men and women to live together in mutual respect, understanding and cooperation.

In 1965, the Women’s Welfare Department was established under the direction of Ananda Marga’s founder and spiritual master Shrii Shrii Ananda Murtiji. The aim is to be led by women and to promote the welfare of children and women by improving individuals and society.

The Women’s Welfare Department is a global organization currently distributed in more than 180 countries around the world.

目標 Our Mission

l   打破過時的刻板印象,幫助婦女認識自我、建立自信。

l   為那些遭受剝削或需要支援的婦女、青少女和孩童們提供援助和庇護,並組織婦女為任何有需要的地方提供救難服務。

l   開設基於整體性原則的兒童教育課程,弘揚並促進宇宙一家的理想。

l   提供婦女接受教育的機會,使她們在社會和經濟上能夠獨立自主。

l   提升婦女的識字率至100%,使她們有能力與機會接受更高等的教育。


l   培養婦女能應用於日常生活中之實用技能,幫助婦女自我成長,並提升身心靈發展與健康。

l   Help women develop self-knowledge and self-confidence, and break out of outdated patterns and stereotypes.

l   Provide assistance and shelter to women, young girls and children who are exploited or in need of support. Unite women to provide relief services wherever they are needed.

l   Manage children’s education programs based on holistic principles to promote the ideals of a cosmic society.

l   Provide women with access to education so that they are socially and economically independent.

l   Women are encouraged to have 100% literacy skills, opportunities and financial support to receive higher education and research.


l   Teaching women effective skills, integrating them into everyday life, helping individuals grow, develop spiritually and promote physical and mental health.

願景 Our Vision


The Women’s Welfare Department expects women to develop in all economic, intellectual, social and spiritual levels, while being strong, caring and capable. The Women’s Welfare Department also hopes to help women find a balance in their emotions in their lives through yoga, meditation and other self-development methods.

台灣服務處 In Taiwan

1974年,婦女福利部門首度派駐出家的女性教範師Didi Madhuri來台灣。









Didi Madhuri was the first female yogic nun to be posted in Taiwan in 1974. 

To date, the Women’s Welfare Department has benefited many children and women.

Many female yogic nuns who are stationed in Taiwan share their work through the love of the universe and the service to humanity. These include free teaching of meditation, social services, management of kindergartens, seminars, discussion groups, mountain hikes, women’s self-defense courses, teaching yoga asanas, helping women develop physically, mentally and spiritually. And inspires sisters with the joy of pursuing spiritual truth in everyday life.

The Women’s Welfare Department has offices in major cities in Taiwan. You can talk to your local office and learn free meditation sessions from our female yogic nuns.

We often organize seminars, courses and events, as well as organizing different programs.